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Jens ‘ numerous television appearances include episodes of L. Jens’ numerous awards include several L. She was also the narrator of The Great War and Shaping of the 20th Century, the acclaimed eight hour mini-series. For the past six years she has been a visiting Associate Professor at U. At NJ Rep, Ms. Jens played the role of Sarah Bernhardt in their critically acclaimed production of Memoir.

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Therefore the Dai Nippon Occupation Postal services continue operating after TGhe Republic Postal services was officially inaugurated on Sumatra sometime during October the earliest date is note known. The affect of the change of postal administration started to appear during the first week of November Thus for the purpose of postal history,the Japanese Occupation postal service ended during October But the cgange from one postal administration to the next was gradual and the effects of the occupation lasted for about three years.

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The lighter or unstressed part of a foot, especially in quantitative verse; later, the accented syllable of a foot. A break in a verse caused by the ending of a word within a foot. A masculine caesura follows the thesis or stressed part of a foot. A feminine caesura follows the arsis or caesura comes after the third half foot, which means in the second foot; a penthemimeral caesura, after the fifth half foot; a hepthemimeral caesura, after the seventh half foot; and so on.

A bucolic caesura, in dactylic hexameter, is a caesura occurring in the fourth foot, especially in pastoral poetry. The break caused by the coincidence of the end of a foot with the end of a word. Bucolic diaeresis, a diaeresis occurring in the fourth foot, especially in pastoral poetry.


A girl underneath her bedsheets grumbled as she lifted her arm up and pressed down on the snooze button. The alarm kept going. She grumbled louder as she slammed her hand down. She grabbed it and tossed it towards the other side of her messy, disheveled room. Unlike most Otaku rooms, however, this place was a complete mess. Not what you would expect from a savior.

SUSU RAG – Conference bid SUSURAG is the fundraising department of the University of Southampton’s Student Union. We are a committee of 11 plus our current VP Engagement, Ellie Cawthera, and members of.

Preface[ edit ] The following extract from ‘Wanderings in West Africa,’ a book which I wrote in and published anonymously in , will best explain the reasons which lately sent me to Western Africa: The pits, varying from two to three feet in diameter, and from twelve to fifty deep eighty feet is the extreme , are often so near the roads that loss of life has been the result.

The stuff is drawn up by ropes in clay pots, or calabashes, and thus a workman at the bottom widens the pit to a pyriform shape; tunnelling, however, is unknown. The excavated earth is carried down to be washed. Besides sinking these holes, they pan in the beds of rivers, and in places collect quartz, which is roughly pounded. They the natives often refuse to dig deeper than the chin, for fear of the earth ‘caving in;’ and, quartz-crushing and the use of quicksilver being unknown, they will not wash unless the gold ‘show colour’ to the naked eye.

As we advance northwards from the Gold Coast the yield becomes richer It is becoming evident that Africa will one day equal half-a-dozen Californias

The Birth of America: From Before Columbus to the Revolution

Even an outburst of joy when rain fell on the parched desert seemed sinful. Most of those who could have told us much about the Indians were simply not interested. Perhaps the longest and most intimate contact between a group of Europeans and a Native American was at Plymouth.

The SUSU RAG speed dating event at the Bridge was fun. I’d never been speed dating before, but with my new speed-dating knowledge I can now give the following top tip: it gets steadily more enjoyable as glasses of vod-cranberry disappear.

They are billed to make their appearances on different days of the week. Hon Abdulmumin Jibrin, who was axed as chairman of the house appropriations committee in July, had alleged that Dogara alongside his deputy, Yusuf Lasun; chief whip Alhassan Doguwa and minority leader Leo Ogor, made illegal insertions totalling some N bn into the budget. An APC committee invited Jibrin over to appear before it in August; in what was an attempt to gag the Kano born lawmaker.

Dogara had made the comments after emerging from a meeting with President Muhammadu Buhari at the villa. Recovered Stolen Funds not Adequate to Revive the Economy — Lai Mohammed The Minister of Information and Culture, Lai Mohammed has explained that the looted fund recovered so far by government is far cry from what the country needs to revive the economy.

According to him, the amount of money recovered is always being made public. Mohammed assured Nigerians that every penny recovered will be judiciously spent and nobody could re-loot what had been recovered under the administration. The minister further explained that Nigerians should understand that what had been recovered was so little compared to what the people needed on a continuous basis.

On budget release, he recalled that the Federal Ministry of Finance released N billion for capital projects, mostly on roads, railway, and power.

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Masih lagi dalam tajuk berkenaan Dajjal , dan kali ini saya akan cuba membongkarkan kumpulan-kumpulan yang membuat kerja untuk Dajjal pula. Dan saya akan sertakan pelbagai bukti agar kita boleh fikirkan bersama-sama. Kita sebagai hambanya hanya mampu untuk berusaha dan berfikir tentang segala apa yang diciptakanNya. Mengapa saya berani mengatakan kumpulan yang akan saya sebutkan di sini sebagai pasukan Dajjal?

Oct 13,  · Free RAG notepads! Some eggsellently themed wise-cracks (sorry) A fab talk from Society Liaison Officer Ross, answering the question ‘why should I bother with RAG?’ For those of you who couldn’t make the meeting (or if you did and you want to have a little recap), we’ve collected all of the essential bits together below.

Interestingly, there were an unusually large number of solo walkers, like me, out to clear their heads in the crisp winter air. All year, in fact. Motivation strikes at the most random times, though. America might be the only country in the world which does not require private companies to give employees annual leave or paid time off, as they call it here. Some give 10 days, some give Some companies give more leave to employees who have been with them longer.

Apparently Facebook gives 21 days, which is a strange number. This policy lets employees take as much leave as they want and still get paid for that time off. This is subject to the caveat that the employee still has to be able to perform their job adequately. For one, companies with unlimited leave do not have to track or accrue leave. If you had an entitlement to 20 days of leave, and only took 15 days, then typically those 5 days would rollover to the following year, or you would be paid out for those days.

On one end of the spectrum, you have European-style leave where 30 days is the norm and everyone is pens down for the whole month of August.


I did a “Fresh Air” piece last week on profanity, which led the preterite of lede? The FCC had refused to sanction NBC for the remark, on the grounds that their guidelines limit indecency to “material that describes or depicts sexual or excretory organs or activities,” whereas Bono had merely used fucking as “an adjective or expletive to emphasize an exclamation. Several commentators were unable to resist observing that the agency had gotten the sentence’s grammar wrong — since fucking modifies brilliant, they said, it must be an adverb, not an adjective.

Asian speed dating in philadelphia pa, Singles lunch in australia, Problems viewing adult friend finder pictures Feb 15, The SUSU RAG speed dating event at the Bridge was fun. Of October, University Vintage Fairs return to Southampton with an event held in .

Welcome to The Tab Power Below are the top influencers from around the country, stay tuned for the top later this month. He is in his 2nd year studying Music Tech, and is president of medway music society. He is also student ambassador for PwC and a student interviewer for The Times. She studies Law at uni. You probably see him around the uni all the time working his socks off and then gracing Arena and TP. Jack is a self taught iOS programmer.

Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, “Cerargyrite” to “Charing Cross” by Various

Posted on October 26, by jr1a12 Leave a comment With this year marking the th anniversary of the death of Jane Austen and Halloween being almost upon us, we explore the gothic ruins of Netley Abbey — the inspiration for many a literary endeavour… Lying on the eastern bank of Southampton Water, Netley Abbey is one of the best surviving Cistercian abbeys in England. The abbey was founded in by Peter des Roches, the Bishop of Winchester, shortly before his death.

The following year a colony of monks arrived from nearby Beaulieu Abbey founded by King John in Netley was dedicated in and, following its completion, was home to about 15 monks and 30 lay brothers, officials, and servants.

RAG speed dating is back and this year we are single pringles and ready to mingle in aid of Orchid, who aim to save men’s lives from testicular, prostate and penile cancers. For the small price of £5 (£4 for members of the RAG society) you could meet the love of your .

There are seven historic trails crossing the great plains of the interior of the continent, all of which for a portion of their distance traverse the geographical limits of what is now the prosperous commonwealth of Kansas. Over this historical highway the Mormons made their lonely Hegira to the valley of that vast inland sea. On its shores they established a city, marvellous in its conception, and a monument to the ability of man to overcome almost insuperable obstacles—the product of a faith equal to that which inspired the crusader to battle to the death for the possession of the Holy Sepulchre.

Over this route, also, were made those world-renowned expeditions by Fremont, Stansbury, Lander, and others of lesser fame, to the heart of the Rocky Mountains, and beyond, to the blue shores of the Pacific Ocean. Over the same trackless waste the Pony Express executed those marvellous feats in annihilating distance, and the once famous Overland Stage lumbered along through the seemingly interminable desert of sage-brush and alkali dust-avant-courieres of the telegraph and the railroad.

One of the collaborators of this volume, Colonel W. Cody “Buffalo Bill” , began his remarkable career, as a boy, on the Salt Lake Trail, and laid the foundations of a life which has made him a conspicuous American figure at the close of this century. It is not the intention of the authors of this work to deal in the slightest manner with Mormonism as a religion. An immense mass of literature on the subject is to be found in every public library, both in its defence and in its condemnation.

The latter preponderates, and often seems to be inspired by an inexcusable ingenuity in exaggeration. Of the trials of the Mormons during their toilsome march and their difficulties with the government during the Civil War, this work will treat in a limited way, but its scope is to present the story of the Trail in the days long before the building of a railroad was believed to be possible. It will deal with the era of the trapper, the scout, the savage, and the passage of emigrants to the gold fields of California—when the only route was by the overland trail—and with the adventures which marked the long and weary march.

Fremont’s Expedition in to the Wind River Mountains.

The Great Salt Lake Trail eBook

I agreed to take in a stray “boy kitten” for my son and a few weeks later “he” had four kittens After about nine weeks of kittens running wild and providing lots of fun! After cleaning up the room, there was a fairly strong urine smell that was driving me nuts I came across this board and thought I’d see what worked. The dump idea posted by Fool did mask the urine odor, but created a mess of its own

Southampton RAG is the fundraising arm of the University of Southampton Student’s Union, we’re all about bringing people together to do great things for amazing causes.

I wrote last month in my post ” Sa’ Hafa Ti Manacha? I promised to post an interview that I gave several months ago to a student about the topic, but in the hustle and bustle of the Democratic National Convention and my moving back to Guam, I completely forgot. I thought of this again because I will be presenting next week up in Saipan at the Tetset Konfrensian Chamorro on this very topic, “a national, pan-Marianas Chamorro identity.

Taimanu na ti sina? With the CNMI Federalization being approved and now being challenged, the military build up looming ahead, a massive Chamorro diaspora from the CNMI forming in the United States to join the one already there from Guam, and so many different groups rising up to articulate the proper “indigenous” stance of Chamorros, our islands, our identities and our fates are being tied together, manmafilak ta’lo. It is not something to simply celebrate, or to ignore, because while the reunification of the Marianas Islands may be the dreams that so many Chamorros have nurtured for so long, often times quietly, beneath the open and public animosity or resistance they reveal.

Sina na ya-ta este, sina na ti ya-ta, sina lokkue’ na ti manlisto para este, lao debi di ta ma’gasi este na tinilaika, ti sina ta sotta ha’. We may want this, we may not want it, we may not be ready for it, but its going to happen, and we should take control and be certain that the islands and Chamorros are unified not to suit the interests of the United States and its military, but that it suits Chamorros, their islands, their needs. If reunification happens out of a shared love for the United States and Chamorros are united together again because of their ties to America and ties through their limited citizenship, then it will be a disaster.

If they are united out of fear or dread over the region’s poor economy and a unshakeable belief in the region’s eternal economic, political and metaphorical dependency upon the United States, then it will be a mess. What I will present next week in Saipan is the need for the reunification drive to not be cultural, but be anti-colonial. That is the only way in which you can create the sort of nationalist drive that the islands will need to reunite and to stand up to the United States in their efforts to re-unite.

Culture is a part of this, it is the glue which can hold the movement together, which can create the feelings of historical inevitability and definition, that would allow Chamorros, who generally worship America and refuse to confront the control it holds in their lives, to confront that very power and try to surpass it.

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You’ve got to deliver a tough message,” Posted by Stefan Sharkansky at May 10, I really just haven’t seen any evidence that Madeleine’s brand of ‘toughness’ has done anything to put fear into any of the bad guys. I DID recently read an article in a foreign paper that the Iranian strategy is apparently to “wait Bush out”.

RAG CALENDAR IS BACK See Sabbatical Officers, Sports teams, Bar staff and many many others with their kit off to raise money for good causes. For 24 images of tasteful nudity head to from 11am 25th November or head to reception at SUSU and .

A deficiency exists in mission essential equipment which causes a major degradation but not the loss of a primary mission. The unit must have reported an Equipment Readiness Resource- Specific Rating of 3 or 4 for a primary mission affected by this casualty. A deficiency exists in mission essential equipment that is worse than casualty category 3, and causes a loss of at least one primary mission.

The unit must have reported an Equipment Readiness Resource- Specific Rating of 4 for a primary mission affected by this casualty. Prior to release of the CASREP message, the Supply Officer will personally review the message to ensure that the repair parts information is complete and accurate. The purpose of the MOVREP system is to collect location data, process the information by applying dead reckoning DR routines as applicable and distribute current location information to all with a “need to know” in the operational and administration chains of command.

Movement information is normally submitted by message. A unit must send a formatted MOVREP, message within 48 to 24 hours prior to getting underway and must send an arrival report immediately after arrival. The MOVREP system does not require communications from a unit at sea, so long as the unit remains within prescribed tolerances along its planned move. Access provides location, employment, ETA, ETD, mission and other similar information regarded necessary from an operational force.

Unless otherwise directed by operation orders, area commanders, or SOPA instructions, prior to the arrival of a commissioned naval or fleet auxiliary ship at any U. This information is submitted by speedletter where possible, but is usually sent by message so as to be received at least three working days prior to ships ETA. Ships proceeding in company will furnish this information to the senior commander embarked who will coordinate the data and submit it as a single message.

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